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We have closely followed as well as participated in the development, all testnets of the Cosmos software since mid-2018. With extensive operational experience and a deep understanding of the underlying technology, we became the winner of Game of Stakes. By providing one serious bug in gaia testnet 9001 , we contributed the networks more security before the main net launch.

We kept active in cosmos infrastructure construction after the main launch. EasyZone is a decentralized light client, which means users can access account, stake and earn rewards with local key store. There are tens of delegators staking ATOMs through EasyZone wallet. Qmoon explorer is another tool to provide professional data analysis on the cosmos networks.

What’s more, we have been dedicated in developing a public chain QOS based on Tendermint since we were fascinated by the project in 2018. Now the QOS chain is under testing with phase 2 testnet capricorn-2000. All the codes are open-source on github in return to make the ecosystem more prosperous.

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